Work Bujo

Hello bullet journal friends! I have been working this new marketing job for two months now, and I feel like I have finally nailed down an organizational system that works for me. Since this blog is all about journaling and organization, I thought this was the perfect thing to share with you all.

I am a project coordinator for a marketing department, so I receive a lot of creative requests and assignments that I determine deadlines for and assign to the proper people to get those projects completed. Thats my job in a nutshell, though it entails a lot of other tasks.

I have a journal at work with lined pages. I have been trying to work with it, as I am used to my dot grid paper in my bujo. I was going to buy a planner, but considering the year is half over I didn't want to buy one. I also couldn't find a planner that had enough room on each day for what I wanted to write. (Hint: This is one of the reasons I started bullet journaling in the first place!) The only thing that I have found to work for me is if I have my to-do list on one half of the page, and the list of assignments received on the other half, and the whole other page is used to jot down questions and notes.

On the top under the date there's a triangle, that was a meeting I had on this day. Any meetings are listed right at the top under the date.


Do you have some kind of organizational routine that you use at work? Do you have a bullet journal or a planner specifically for work? I am getting so close to throwing this old lined journal out the window and picking up another Leuchtturm1917 and calling it a day! I ought to stick to this one though, and once I'm done using it I'll keep it at work so I can look back at each day if I need to.

Hello July

Hello everyone! And hello July, when did you get here?!

This month should be relatively low key, with only a few things planned for the month. I am still sticking with the minimalist look! It's so simple and clear and easy to read. I'm loving it.


My only plans for the month are celebrating the 4th of July and attending a friend's baby shower. It's also my brother's 29th birthday this month. Happy birthday, Jack!

Do you have any plans for the 4th? When I think of the 4th of July, I think of fireworks, BBQs, and wearing my swimsuit all day long.What do you think of? I remember camping several years in a row as a kid during 4th of July weekend. This year I plan to watch the fireworks at Mt. Tabor Park. Hopefully we will see some good firework shows!

Generally speaking, how do you prep for the month? Do you set goals? Create trackers or to-do lists of some kind? Let me know! Have a wonderful July!

Goodbye June!

And with a blink of an eye, June is behind us and the year is officially half over. I was blessed with lots of great things this month. Ever since I started bullet journaling, one of my favorite things to do is reflect on the month. It's so easy to let time fly and let one month roll to the next. However, you will find it's nice to take a moment to really look back at each day in the past month with reflection and gratitude before looking forward to the next one. On the other hand, sometimes we have really rough months, and it can be cathartic to write everything down and possibly provide some closure and move forward to the next month with your head held high.

I decided to keep my Goodbye June page simple and minimal. Turns out I am really enjoying minimalism in my bullet journal!

The good things that happened this month outweigh the bad. And this is true for almost every month I've had up till now. It's surprising how so easy to find the positive things to make yourself realize how good things are when you force yourself to list everything out. Even if they are small things that happened in the month, list them! Focus on the positives!


This month I saw The Incredibles 2, and the documentary about Mister Rogers called, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Both of them were fantastic! I waited such a long time for The Incredibles movie. I remember seeing the first one in theaters and loving it so much. I can't believe how long it took them to make it, but it was totally worth it! They really thought everything out and made some very dynamic characters. Oh, and the Mister Rogers documentary will warm your heart from beginning to end!

I also went to a trivia night this past month, and we won first place, which was extra awesome because I did not do well at the previous trivia night I went to. I correctly answered a bonus question about the team/country in the world cup with the smallest population (or something like that). The answer: Iceland!

The best thing that happened this month was that my brother came to visit me from California for the weekend. We had such a great time hiking at Powell Butte, going to Last Thursday and the Saturday Markets, exploring Powell's bookstore, and dancing at the silent disco at Laurelhurst park. 

How do you normally wrap up your month in your bullet journal? Do you write a list of good and bad things? For those who don't have a journal, do you reflect on the month in any way?Let me know in the comments!